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Creating Relevance

With our media and offers, we make a significant contribution to the success of the market, the economy, and society. What we create has relevance. Democratic values are based on independent media for the dissemination of knowledge and the formation of opinion.

Die dfv Mediengruppe bietet eine betriebliche Kinderbetreuung für ihre Mitarbeitenden an.© bitfuel

dfv Medienmäuse

Together with pme Familienservice, the dfv media group offers a company childcare service. Colleagues can have their children aged between eight weeks and three years looked after directly in the dfv building. In a small group with up to seven other children, the little ones can grow, play, and romp around in a lovingly designed environment. When the weather is good, the group often goes swinging in the publishing company's outdoor area, builds castles in the sandpit, and explores the playhouse in the small playground. And at lunchtime, the minis can often be seen in the canteen, picking up their food together with their chaperon.

Zu bestimmten Anlässen wird vor dem dfv Gebäude die Regenbogen-Flagge gehisst. Beim dfv setzen wir uns dafür ein, dass Menschen die gleichen Chancen in allen Lebensbereichen haben.© dfv Mediengruppe

We are committed to ...

... the principle that people have equal opportunities in all areas of life, including in the world of work, especially in our own house – regardless of gender, sexual identity and orientation, age, skin colour, origin, or religion.

from the Principles of Publication of the dfv media group