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There is no way around climate protection

With our information services, we support decision-makers in recognising strategic climate protection as a business opportunity.

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The pressure on companies to act for sustainable climate protection is getting bigger. The European Union wants to be climate neutral by 2050 and Germany by 2045. The roadmap has been accelerated following a ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court. By 2030, greenhouse gas emissions are to be reduced by 65 per cent compared to 1990. But it is not only politicians who are taking action. Large companies with ambitious climate targets demand that their suppliers protect the climate. For the financing of companies by banks, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important criterion. The prices for emissions are rising. And well-qualified applicants are increasingly asking about the sustainability strategy of their potential future employer. Climate protection is no longer a question of image. Those who do not get their greenhouse gas emissions under control risk the success of their company.


The good news: climate protection is possible, the solutions are apparent, the necessary technology is largely available. More and more service providers are helping companies to implement their climate goals.


The dfv media group has always been committed to the success of entrepreneurs with its publications. Its media provide the information that managers need to overcome challenges and to operate profitably in the long term. This also applies to the task of the century: climate protection.


Through the GREEN.WORKS initiative, the dfv media group is consistently expanding its range of information concerning corporate climate protection.

Die GREEN.WORKS Academy ist die Wissensplattform der dfv Mediengruppe für unternehmerischen Klimaschutz.


One topic, one hour, structured and compact content, and the opportunity to ask questions – this is how the masterclasses are structured. All with the aim of preparing the complex topic of climate protection in such a way that managers can obtain practical information as quickly and easily as possible.

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Daniel Baumann ist Editorial Director Green Transformation bei der dfv Mediengruppe.© Katrin Binner

Companies are facing major challenges.

They have to find solutions for how to run their businesses in a climate-friendly and economically successful way. The dfv media group brings together excellent industry expertise with climate know-how to accompany companies on this path. We want to be partners and facilitators of solutions and ideas.

Daniel Baumann

Editorial Director Green Transformation

Current white papers from GREEN.WORKS

GREEN.WORKS bietet mit dem Einsteiger-Guide eine Möglichkeit sich mit unternehmerischen Klimaschutz vertraut zu machen.

Beginner's Guide

The beginner's guide “Unternehmerischen Klimaschutz verstehen & managen” (Understanding & Managing Corporate Climate Protection) provides the knowledge that managers need to become familiar with corporate climate action – regardless of industry or company size.

Der Klimadienstleister-Guide von GREEN.WORKS gibt einen Überblick darüber, wer beim Klimaschutz unterstützen kann.

Climate Service Provider Guide

Also cutting-edge: the exclusive Climate Service Provider Guide. It provides companies for the first time with a comprehensive overview of who can support them in climate protection.
Both guides are published by GREEN.WORKS.

Windenergie und Solarenergie sind ein wichtiger Bestandteil zum Ausbau von erneuerbaren Energien.© IMAGO / imageBROKER the B2B platform for environment, energy, water, & recycling. The portal and also the regularly published newsletters are aimed at all interested commercial and industrial parties and the those local districts who are concerned with environmental, sustainability, and resource management.

Der verantwortungsvolle Umgang mit natürlichen Ressourcen ist uns bei der dfv Mediengruppe wichtig.© Ann-Kristin Porst


The responsible use of natural resources is important to us. We are aware that not only each individual bears responsibility, but also that companies in particular should set a good example.

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